Students Create Porn Website That Will Donate to Charity When Users Masturbate

Students create website that promises to donate to charity when users masturbate.

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Two dudes have set out to help make masturbation an act of giving with their new porn website. will donate money to charities each time a user masturbates, as other porn hosting websites have done previously. explains on its site that a charitable donation is made possible after users click the "IJUSTCAME!" button available under every video on the site. However, each user is limited to two "orgasmic donations" per day with a waiting period of 15 minutes in between each donation. The specific charities receiving these donations aren't listed by, though the site says "...we'll donate to charities championing prostate & ovarian cancer research, supporting rape victims, and ending revenge porn."

The minds behind spoke to The Huffington Post and revealed more about the site including the charities receiving the donations.

Using fake names so that their careers don't suffer from this online porn project, Stanford students Adam Lee and James Cook toldThe Huffington Post each donation would be worth one cent. Each donation would be divided into between The Movember Foundation (funding research for testicular cancer and prostate); the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund; and the Joyful Heart Foundation helping survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse.

"We launched a private version anonymously, and raised $1,000 for charity in a very short time," Lee said. "You can do the math on how many scenes were viewed, but that gave us the confidence to move forward."

Lee and Cook toldThe Huffington Post they haven't donated the money yet because they're planning on doing annual donations.

They did donate one day's worth of donations—about $39— to the previously mentioned charities out of their own pockets, The Huffington Postreported citing documents they were shown. Each charity received $13 on behalf of IJustCame.

But the team doesn't want to keep paying out of pocket saying they wants brands as sponsors.

Cook toldThe Huffington Post: "Users will see the brand's logo and ad copy after they click the "IJustCame" button on the website. For brands, this means that they have the user's attention at the height of their attention and dopamine levels after they orgasm, which is a pretty big deal."

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