A State Trooper Apparently Drove Drunk During His Shift

A Massachusetts State Trooper was put on administrative leave after reportedly drunk driving on the job.

This is a picture of a police car.

Photo by Rod Rolle/Getty Images

This is a picture of a police car.

Being intoxicated while on the job is a bold move, especially if you're a cop on St. Patrick's Day.

One Massachusetts state trooper apparently thought he could get away with such a decision. Mass Live reports police officer Jonathan Brown was placed on administrative on Sunday morning for being accused of being drunk at work. His job, as you'd expect, includes driving.

So yeah, that means he could have potentially been drunk driving—you know, a crime the cop could arrest other people for.

Brown's shift was between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. Around 2 a.m., he was relieved from his shift. His duty status is currently pending and relies on the outcome of a hearing scheduled later this week.

Although he allegedly appeared to have been intoxicated, there is no evidence he consumed alcohol while on the job. His colleagues did notice that his speech was slurred over the dispatch radio. According to NECN, Brown drove to his shift in his own vehicle, since the force doesn't issue take-home cruisers.

Should Trooper Brown get the Justin Bieber Super Bowl Ad treatment? Will he be let off the hook for poor mental health like the cop who worked with Ferguson police or suspended like the NYPD officer who drove on the wrong side of the road? Only time (or the law) will tell. 

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