Driving while drunk is stupid. Don't do it. Though both of those facts should go without saying, the general drunkenness of Super Bowl Sunday requires a healthy reminder. For one police department in Minnesota, the evening presented the unique opportunity to make a Justin Bieber-themed threat to anyone pondering the intoxicated operation of an automobile:

The bold threat (they even tagged T-Mobile!) was sent from the official Twitter account of the Wyoming, MN Public Safety Department, the Washington Post reported Sunday. After virality was quickly achieved, the department doubled down on their disdain for drunk drivers:

As the game of feet and balls started to heat up, the department amended their threat:

And then amended it again:

Depending on how you feel about the possibility of watching a Justin Bieber x T-Mobile commercial while cuffed in a cop car, this may all be pretty harrowing stuff. But you know what's much, much worse? Like, INARGUABLY worse? Nickelback.​ As reported last November, the Kensington Police Service vowed to play Nickelback "in the cruiser" when transporting drunk drivers to the station. Notably, Const. Robb Hartlen later apologized to the band. "We're going to work together with a couple people as opposed to making fun of one group," he said, according to CBC News.​

Regardless of how you feel about these Nickelbieber tactics, there's at least one thing here we can all agree on: Driving while drunk is fucking dumb.​