The Best Weed Strains in Canada Right Now

We used a combination of online reviews plus input from the cannabis enthusiasts on Complex’s masthead to determine the loudest strains in the country.

Simply Bare Island Kush cannabis

Image via Simply Bare

Simply Bare Island Kush cannabis

Let’s be clear right off the top: This ain’t no snickelfritz.  

The products listed here are among the goodest good-good that the Canadian legal market has to offer. That elusive triple good. 

Now, there’s a lot to consider before you start parsing through companies and cultivars for the best Canadian weed on the market. Are you after flower or pre-roll or something else? And how about quantity? Do you want a gram, an eighth (3.5g), or are you looking for something from the large format cabinet like a half ounce or an ounce?

In Canada, it also matters where you live, because odd provincial laws can keep some buds from crossing borders, like Vancouver-based retailer and producer Burb’s new B.C. Zaza, which has “B.C.” right in the name, but is available only in Ontario and Nova Scotia, and not its home province due to ‘tied laws’ that prohibit direct connections between non-medical retail stores and federal producers. What can you do? C’est la weed. 

Also, sometimes it’s just about timing. Even under expert thumbs of the world’s best growers, all batches will vary, sometimes subtly, sometimes noticeably. So don’t be shocked if the kush you loved so much two months ago doesn’t hit the same way or smell as dank when you pick it up again.

For this list, we used a combination of online reviews from sources like Leafly, Reddit, and the provincial pushers themselves, plus input from the cannabis enthusiasts on the Complex’s masthead and their pro-pot friends, to determine the loudest, most terpelicious, most consistent, and most THC-dominant strains available in Canada now. 

Most of the cultivars here were selected for flavour and/or effect, and none are what you might consider ‘entry level’. You’ll pay a premium at the till, but get it back in the bong. 

If your favourite didn’t make the list, feel free to shout it at us on Twitter. 

Gelato #33 by Lot 420

Gelatto 33 cannabis block

Island Pink Kush by Simply Bare Organic

Island Pink Kush

First Class Funk by Ghost Drops

First Class Funk by Ghost Drops

MacFlurry by BLKMKT


Mendo Breath by Coterie

Coterie Mendo Breath cannabis

Afghani Bullrider by Bullrider

Afghani Bullrider by Bullrider

Sour OG by Broken Coast

OG sour cannabis strain

Waffle Bites by Cake and Caviar

waffle cannabis strain cookies and cream

Animal Face by Carmel


Platinum Grapes by Organnicraft


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