Video Shows Car Driving Through Crowd at Taco Bell Injuring 3 People

A vehicle drove through a small group of people standing outside a Taco Bell in Maryland, resulting in three injuries. Police are searching for the suspect(s)


Image via Getty/Dave Kotinsky


Maryland police are looking for suspects who crashed into the front of a Taco Bell after allegedly arguing with employees at the drive-thru, TMZ reports.

The incident occurred at a location in Charles County, Maryland just after 10 p.m. on Wednesday. Footage shows a small group of people yelling outside the Taco Bell, followed by the suspects’ vehicle driving up, seemingly taunting the crowd. The car backs up before it drives straight into the people gathered outside, also driving through the Taco Bell entrance. The video cuts soon after, with people audibly yelling in the background. Warning, the video is graphic, 

Charles County police say the vehicle’s occupants were fighting with an employee at the drive-thru, and that one of the suspects exited the car and attacked the employee at the window, then got back into the car.

The driver then reportedly drove to the front, which is what’s seen on video. Two people were treated for injuries at the scene, and one was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The car was found at a house that was close by, and the cops are now trying to identify the driver. It’s unknown how many people were in the car, but police verified that there were two women involved and that the driver was potentially a woman as well.

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