'Instagram Famous' Woman Who Told Flight Passengers They're 'Bums' Denies Being Booted From Plane

A clip of the incident shows the woman yelling expletives at fellow passengers and telling them she's, 'Instagram famous.'


The woman who was filmed saying she’s “Instagram famous” as she departed an American Airlines plane has shared a bit more backstory on the incident.

“Obviously things happened, transpired before the cameras roll and we all know that. So I feel like it’s very unfair that people are attacking me when I was provoked and reacted,” Morgan Osman said, per TMZ. “I’ve never liked American Airlines but it wasn’t their fault. It was the lady next to me. It wasn’t the man in the back that you saw screaming. It was the lady next to me—she came in so hot.

'IG Famous' Woman in Viral Plane Video Chooses to Leave the Flight on Her Own

Instagram Model Morgan Osman (@itsmorganbritt) Explains Plane Incident: Dispute Over Seating, Chooses to Leave Flight Peacefully pic.twitter.com/nH70URmcOP

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“She just [said], ‘You’re in my seat, you’re in my seat.’ No, that’s your seat. I’m in my seat. I was just looking out the window before she got [there]. [She said,] ‘So get up, get up now.’ And I said, ‘I don’t know who you think you’re talking to but it won’t be me.’ And she sat down next to me and she got on FaceTime and she’s making fun of me on FaceTime and she’s like, ‘Ah ha ha, yeah that’s what I thought.’ And I said, ‘Morgan, this is not the flight for you. You already missed one flight. Just get off the flight because I’m gonna knock her the fuck out.’ So I just removed myself, waved down the stewardess, and when I decided to remove myself, people then whipped out their cameras.”

When Osman was asked if she didn’t get kicked off the plane, she said, “Absolutely not. I decided to leave and when they knew that, everybody took out their cameras. No, I didn’t get kicked off American Airlines.”

Osman has almost a million followers on IG, though she has deactivated her account since the incident.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Osman was kicked off the airplane when a 20-second clip showed her removing her luggage from the overhead compartment of the plane and calling the other passengers “fucking bums” and yelling further expletives as people laugh. It’s not known what happened prior to this moment.

Some on social media were comparing Osman’s freak out to Tiffany Gomas’, who, in July, disrupted a flight when she started yelling on a plane about a person she alleged was “not real.”

Choose your fighter. 🤣

Tiffany Gomas or Morgan Osman? pic.twitter.com/Q2BAXvNSyf

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