Video Shows Woman's Full 'Not Real' Airplane Outburst: 'Stop the F*cking Plane' (UPDATE)

The woman in the viral clip was recently identified as Tiffany Gomas.


UPDATED 8/13/23, 12:03 p.m. ET: Tiffany Gomas, the woman who was captured in a viral video last month while yelling about someone being "not real" on an airplane flight, has now issued an apology regarding the incident.

In an interview with TMZ, Gomas explained that "there's no excuse for freaking out on a plane full of people and causing everyone to have to deplane and experience a delay." She also told the outlet that she regrets yelling profanities, especially in front of child passengers.

During the apology, Gomas became emotional and expressed gratitude towards her family and friends for their support as she has been dealing with the additional attention since her viral outburst. She hopes that people will take mental health seriously.

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Last month, a video showed a woman yelling about someone "not real" on an airplane flight, and now a longer version of the viral moment has surfaced.

Just days after the woman in the infamous clip was identified as Tiffany Gomas, another passenger's video of the incident has started to spread online. As shown in the clip uploaded to YouTube by user Olivia Po, Gomas stood up out of her seat and appeared to have a disagreement with a flight attendant.

"Stop the fucking plane. Stop the fucking plane, stop the plane," she said to the attendant, getting increasingly agitated for undisclosed reasons. She then climbed into the aisle and told someone to "stop it." She paced back-and-forth for a few moments before telling an attendant, "I need to get the fuck off this plane right now." An attendant tried to get her to calm down, but she then walked out of view and told someone, "See what happens after this."

American Airlines employees tried to locate her belongings, but she told them, "I don't even give a fuck about my shit." The plane then appears to power down as the flight returns to the gate because of Gomas' outburst. "Things aren’t right, I’m telling you, things aren’t right," she said. An attendant then added, "What we’re going to do is, you accused someone of taking your belongings, you can file a report. That’s what I’m trying to tell you.”

After some shuffling and unclear comments, Gomas told someone to "get the fuck off" and stormed into the aisle again. "I'm getting the fuck off because there is a stupid fucking dude on here," she said. "I don't give two fucks. I am telling you right now, that motherfucker back there is not real." Gomas was then escorted off the plane.

The initial video of Gomas' "not real" moment went viral last month and was widely debated by users on social media. As reported by Bree A. Dail, an incident report from the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport police alleges that Gomas refused to speak with authorities after deboarding the plane and left. American Airlines supervisor Arely Gonzalez said the woman got upset after she alleged someone stole one of her AirPods.

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