In-N-Out Managers Make Way More Money Than You Probably Think

In-N-Out managers are raking in the dough.

In n Out

Photography by James Leynse/Corbis via Getty Images

In n Out

Managers at In-N-Out make bank. According to the California Sun newsletter—which found this information on the jobs site Indeed—In-N-Out store managers make an average of over $160,000 per year. Their average salary is more than architects, lawyers, and software engineers in California, which is a bit unexpected.

As a family-owned restaurant, In-N-Out prides itself in treating its workers well. “Paying their associates well was just one way to help maintain that focus, and those beliefs remain firmly in place with us today,” vice president of operations Danny Warnick told the California Sun.

With California’s minimum wage at $11, In-N-Out employees make two dollars more at the outset, and can easily move up to become a store manager—and a college degree isn’t even required. Workers also get full benefits, including 401(k) plans, paid vacation, and health, dental, and vision plans.

According to Oakland, Calif.’s Fox affiliate KTVU, managers are in charge of leading one restaurant, and are held accountable for supervising the entirety of the location’s operation. “These responsibilities include ensuring that quality, service, and cleanliness meet our high standards. As leaders, they hire, train, and develop their team, and are responsible for creating and maintaining an enthusiastic and positive working environment,” In-N-Out told KTVU.

Seems like store managers have their work cut out for them. Some workers allege that the job requires long hours and can be stressful, but 91 percent of employees said they’d still recommend working there to a friend. In-N-Out was listed as No. 4 in Glassdoor’s 2018 ranking of the best places to work.

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