Conservative Moms Group Will Pay $500 to Snitch on Teachers Over New Law Prohibiting Critical Race Theory and More

Conservative moms in New Hampshire are offering $500 to the first person who can prove a teacher has violated the state’s new law against divisive subjects.

The New Hampshire arm of Moms for Liberty will give out a reward to the first person who can prove that a teacher has violated the state’s new law against teaching divisive subjects, particularly surrounding injustice and marginalized groups.

The conservative moms group tweeted last Friday, “We’ve got $500 for the person that first successfully catches a public school teacher breaking this law. Students, parents, teachers, school staff… We want to know! We will pledge anonymity if you want.”

The law bans teachers from telling their students that any one group of people is naturally racist, sexist, or oppressive—essentially an embargo on teaching critical race theory in classrooms. Officially called the Right to Freedom from Discrimination in Public Workplaces and Education, the law recently went into effect, causing the majority of Gov. Chris Sununu’s diversity council to quit in protest, according toInsider. The state’s education department also launched a website where parents can issue complaints if a teacher breaks the law.

The conservative nonprofit Moms for Liberty has 135 chapters in 35 U.S. states, with over 56,000 members. In addition to critical race theory, the organization is also against schools teaching students about LGBTQ rights, race, and discrimination, and the group opposes mask mandates.

“It was bad enough that the law tried to find a problem that doesn’t exist—no teacher in New Hampshire teaches that any group is inherently superior or inferior to another,” said Deb Howes, Federation of Teachers - New Hampshire president. “That false flag has now been made worse with Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut launching a webpage to encourage parents to file complaints against teachers who allegedly teach so-called divisive concepts.”

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