Woman Says Gifts in Her Luggage Were Replaced by Dog Food

New Hampshire resident Gina Sheldon says she made the discovery after returning home from Europe earlier this month. Delta Airlines has issued an apology.

New Hampshire woman reports gifts in luggage replaced by dog food

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New Hampshire woman reports gifts in luggage replaced by dog food

A New Hampshire woman got an unpleasant surprise this month when she returned home from Europe.

According to WMUR, Gina Sheldon spent about two weeks between Italy and Paris for business purposes, but managed to squeeze in some holiday shopping during her stay. However, when Sheldon returned home and began unpacking her luggage, she discovered the gifts she had packed were all gone and replaced by random items.

“I opened the third bag which I had all the gifts in and things I bought for myself as well, and it was replaced with dog food, an old T-shirt, a shaving cream bottle,” she said.

Sheldon claims the missing items totaled more than $3,000; the gifts included a leather jacket for her teenage daughter as well as leather purses for friends and family. The woman believes the gifts were likely stolen at France’s Charles DeGaulle Airport.

“I think the reason they did that is because when it goes through the scan and it continued on its journey,” she explained, “it looks like a real luggage product.”

Sheldon said the flight was operated by Air France, but was book through Delta Airlines. The latter company has since issued an apology to Sheldaon, and says its team is looking into the matter.

We apologize for this customer’s experience following Air France flight 334,” Delta said in a statement. “We have affirmatively connected with our partners at Air France and the customer to find a resolution.”

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