TikTok Reportedly Banning Accounts Belonging to OnlyFans Creators

A number of OnlyFans creators say their TikTok accounts were deactivated, despite keeping their TikTok content PG-rated.


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OnlyFans creators are speaking out on what some have called the "TikTok purge."

In a recent report by Rolling Stone, a number of OnlyFans users claim their TikTok accounts were recently deactivated because they had allegedly violated the platform's sex and nudity policies. Most of these creators said they made sure to keep their TikTok content PG-rated, although their bios included links that lead to their OnlyFans.

"I wouldn’t even type the word ‘sugar daddy,’ I would type ‘sugar daddi’ and things like that lol. And I never used the word OnlyFans on my page," said Lydia Love, who was reportedly booted from TikTok a month ago. "TONS of girls I know got deleted. It was like a huge sweep with no explanation."

Love, who had garnered up to 100,000 TikTok followers before she was suspended, told Rolling Stone her TikTok bio did include a link to her Linktree landing page, which included a link to her OnlyFans page. A TikTok representative told the magazine that in addition to prohibiting "content that commits, promotes, or glorifies sexual solicitation," it also prohibits any accounts from trying to "redirect traffic." Rolling Stone points out, however, there are many accounts that have not been suspended despite including links to their Twitter or YouTube pages. TikTok did not provide an explanation for the discrepancy, nor did it say why certain prominent users, such as Bella Thorne, have remained on the platform despite linking to OnlyFans in their TikTok bios.

Rebekka Blue says she, too, was kicked off of TikTok in recent months because of her OnlyFans presence. She told Rolling Stone her TikTok following was so massive that the platform deemed her an official creator, meaning she could monetize her videos. Because of this, Blue was careful not to violate any policies and risk a loss of income.

"I post with no makeup and baggy clothes," she said. "I do not show skin because I don’t want to risk my account getting taken down."

Once her TikTok account was removed, Blue contacted a lawyer and successfully appealed the suspension. But she says she's still bothered by TikTok's clear double-standard when it comes to risqué content.

"Even if you’re not directly promoting yourself, if people see you on TikTok and see oh she’s cute, she has a nice body, or even just for your personality or whatever, naturally they might go over to your Instagram and over time — multiple levels of exposure ..." she said. "The problem is, on TikTok you see so many of these girls under 18 with little to no clothing, but because they’re not making money on their OnlyFans links their content gets to stay up."

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