South African Pastor Sued for Alleged 'Resurrection' Hoax

Alph Lukau of Alleluia Ministries is facing accusations of fraud, after claiming to have resurrected a man in a now-viral video.


Image via Getty/Louie Douvis/Fairfax Media


A pastor in South Africa is being sued over a now-viral "resurrection" stunt.

The lawsuit stems from a recent video in which Alph Lukau convinces his congregation that he successfully brought a man back from the dead. The pastor of Alleluia Ministries is seen standing over an open casket, touching the "deceased" individual before shouting, "rise up!" The man inside the coffin then sits up, as onlookers begin to cheer.

A video of a pastor claiming to raise a man from the dead has gone viral on social media. @AndyvanWyk #NewsNight Courtesy #DStv403

— eNCA (@eNCA) February 25, 2019

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