Colorado Girl Scouts Are Now Allowed to Sell Cookies Outside Weed Dispensaries

Times are changing.

Incredible news, Colorado stoners: You can now get your weed and Girl Scout cookie fix in just one stop.

On Friday, the Girls Scouts of Colorado announced they would allow its members to sell the beloved treats right outside the state’s various weed dispensaries. The Cannabist reports the organization had previously prohibited Girl Scouts to set up cookie booths near “adult-oriented” businesses; however, its officials decided to change the policy for the 2018 cookie season.

“(Potential cookie sales) sites are now all treated the same, and approval of those sites is contingent on whether they meet our guidelines and safety requirements,” said AnneMarie Harper, the Girl Scouts of Colorado spokesperson. “Safety is the biggest concern.”

To ensure the children’s safety, scout leaders are required to consider several factors, including the booth’s distance from the parking lot and roads. Harper explained that it was also necessary for the scouts to get proprietors’ permission before setting up a booth in front of a dispensary or any business, like bars, tattoo parlors, and grocery stores.

“Decisions regarding where, when, and under what circumstances girls can sell Girl Scout Cookies are made by troop leaders, with guidance and oversight from local Girl Scout councils,” Girl Scouts of the USA officials said in a statement. “Local councils and leaders are best situated to set safety parameters in keeping with the wellbeing of girls engaging in the cookie sale in their communities.”

Earlier this month, it was reported that a San Diego Girl Scout had sold more than 300 boxes of cookies outside of a local weed dispensary. Though the city’s Girl Scout council said they were trying to determine if the child had broken any rules, the kid supposedly found a loophole: Rather than set up a booth in front of the dispensary, she reportedly walked back and forth in front of the business with her wagon full of cookies. Really slick.

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