Having years worth of experience being a Girl Scout, I know all too well about the competition when it comes to selling the most cookies out of your troop. And this Girl Scout from San Diego deserves credit for knowing how to properly target her key customers. According to local outlet Fox 4, the young entrepreneur set up outside a marijuana dispensary in San Diego, Calif. over the weekend.

Her father claims she sold more than 300 boxes of the delicious cookies in just six hours. The weed shop she picked was Urbn Leaf. "Get some Girl Scout Cookies with your GSC today until 4pm!," they posted on Instagram along with a photo of the girl holding a handful of boxes. "Have a friend that wants to #tagalong? Bring them with - shopping is more fun with friends anyways." Mashable points out GSC is a strain of weed named after girl scout cookies. It is an OG Kush and Durban Poison hybrid cross that is known for its "sweet and earthy" flavor.

"I think our customers loved it," Savannah Rakofsky, a representative for Urbn Leaf, said. "They went out and bought boxes. The funny thing is, after the news story ran, we had more Girl Scouts show up over the weekend." Despite this Girl Scout's success, she may now be in trouble — but it's not for what you think.

According to the New York Post, the San Diego Girl Scout council is looking into whether she actually broke any rules. Officials were trying to identify the girl and talk to her family since she was in a commercial area, which is not allowed, council spokeswoman Mary Doyle said in an email on Monday. She apparently worked around that rule by strolling back and forth on her wagon instead of staying put in front of the store. 

"As Girl Scouts, we assume good intent,” Doyle continued. "When we learn that a girl is in violation of a standard/guideline, we almost always discover that the parent was unaware of the rules." But this isn't the first time a scout picked a weed shop to sell cookies.

In 2014, a Girl Scout sold 117 boxes in just two hours outside a dispensary in San Francisco. The young resident got away with it since her mother "decided this was a place she was comfortable with her daughter being at." Two years later, another Girl Scout set up a cookie stand outside of a weed dispensary in Portland, Oregon.