Video Shows Teens Throwing 'Mansion Rager,' Boxing Match After Breaking Into $8 Million Home

Hundreds of teens broke into an $8 million Florida mansion and threw a massive unauthorized house party while the owners of the home were out of town.

Hundreds of teens broke into a home and threw a party while the owners were away, Fox 7 reports.

Word of the party, which was being described as a “mansion rager” was promoted on social media and a video showing a boxing match being held in the house was posted online as well. The social media ad told revelers to bring their own drugs and alcohol, and also made a point of saying that the party would last until the police arrived. 

The owners of the house, who asked to remain anonymous, were made aware of the party by their neighbors. 

“We started receiving numerous phone calls from our neighbors that there were kids on our water tower on our property, there were cars up and down the street, and kids were hopping over the front of our fence,” the homeowner told the outlet.

The owner called the incident “horrifying,” and a “total violation” of privacy. 

“I saw they had thrown like avocados at the wall, there was damage to sheetrock and baseboards. They had thrown tools through the sheetrock of our garage. They had my daughter’s toys scattered around the property,” they added. 

The party resulted in thousands of dollars in damages, including a broken front gate. 

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