Teen Fatally Electrocuted After Dropping His Phone in the Tub

A teenager in Russia died after dropping his phone into the bathtub, according to reports.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

A teenage boy in Russia has reportedly died after taking his phone with him while taking a bath. 

The Mirror reports via Russian media that the Russian teen, who was identified only as Aleksandr M., had the phone charging when he apparently lost his grip and let it fall into the tub. 

The boy's brother was becoming concerned about why Aleksandr had been in the bathroom for so long, so he broke down the door. When he did, he found his brother's body with a large burn mark across his abdomen and the phone floating in the tub beside him. An autopsy apparently revealed the cause of death to be electrocution. 

It's not clear what type of mobile phone the boy was using, but obviously it's not advisable to have any electronic device near the bathtub. 

While this incident sounds like it could have been avoided, there have been reports over the years about people being electrocuted by their phones while using them under normal conditions, though it's not clear how verifiable they are.

In 2013, Apple investigated the death of a woman who in China whose family said she was electrocuted while using her charging phone. And there have been dozens of reports of cell phones of all models overheating and exploding over the years, like a man in Arizona who realized his phone was on fire when his pants started smoking.

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