A little more than a week ago the iPhone 6 caused an explosion in an Arizona man's pants. No, he wasn't excited about his new device. The iPhone literally caught on fire in his pocket, burning through his jeans and underwear and leaving him with second-degree burns

Phillip Lechter was riding in a rickshaw at the Oct. 11 University of Arizona football game when a bump made his leg smack into the side of the rickshaw. The iPhone hit a bar, and moments later Lechter could feel a burning sensation in his pants. "The flames were coming out of the pocket the smoke was coming out of here," he said. "It did burn me as I pulled it out."

Lechter's local Apple store replaced his iPhone and promised someone from corporate would reach out to him. So far that hasn't happened, though. Lechter says he isn't looking to sue, but he thinks Apple should cover his medical expenses. 

He has a point. But maybe Lecther owes Apple some money, too. Usually you have to pay for that much action in your pants. 


[via Uproxx]