Elon Musk Accidentally Broke the Tesla Cybertruck's Windows in Its Debut

The starting price is $40,000.

Tesla co founder and CEO Elon Musk unveils all electric battery powered Tesla's Cybertruck.

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Tesla co founder and CEO Elon Musk unveils all electric battery powered Tesla's Cybertruck.

In 2012, Elon Musk mentioned that he'd be down with making a "supertruck." On Thursday, that tweet in its final form was unveiled at a Los Angeles launch event: Its the allegedly bulletproof Cybertruck, which will begin production in 2021.

@DJjodes Would love to make a Tesla supertruck with crazy torque, dynamic air suspension and corners like its on rails. That'd be sweet...

The high-tech contraption is the company's first-ever electric pickup truck. While the truck was built partly with a coolness factor in mind—its design was influenced by the sportscar/submarine in The Spy Who Loved Me—Musk also conceptualized it as an alternative for America's obsession with pickups.

“We need sustainable energy now. If we don’t have a pickup truck we can’t solve it," Musk said at the event. "The top 3 selling vehicles in America are pickup trucks. To solve sustainable energy, we have to have a pickup truck."

Musk listed the Cybertruck's performance bonafides—including a wild zero to 60 mph of 2.9 seconds—and announced its base price of $40,000. He also claimed that Tesla's new invention was bulletproof. "You want a truck that's really tough. Not fake tough," he said.

The Cybertruck was fake tough. Its window shattered when Tesla design head Franz vol Holzhausesn threw a metal ball at it during the demonstration. "Oh my fucking god," Musk said, perhaps as shocked as the attendees, though perhaps slightly more embarrassed. An optimist, Musk pointed out that at least the ball didn't actually go through the glass.

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Musk and co. do have two years to get their Cybertruck ready and metal ball-proof. But for now, people were eager to point out this L. Check out some of the responses below.

Glass window: *Is made of glass*

Solid steel ball: “I’m about to end this mans whole career”#Cybertruck #Tesla pic.twitter.com/5cqj21yqek
Elon why????? Why would you throw the metal ball at the window of the Cybertruck?? 😂😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/rTpsTcy1xk
Elon Musk when the #Cybertruck window got smashed pic.twitter.com/ErBEp8VSOM
Elon Musk: can you try to brake the #cybertruck window please lol
*shatters windows, twice*
Elon: pic.twitter.com/MFvTLFSFKi
Elon: Try to break the #Cybertruck window
*Window breaks*
Elon: pic.twitter.com/ws8IwqpvQv

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