Mother Attended High School Classes Posing as 13-Year-Old Daughter, Sentenced to 6 Months Probation

Casey Garcia, 30, claims she was trying to prove a point by proving how easy it was for an adult to enter a middle school without being detected.

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A Texas mom was found guilty of criminal trespassing after she posed as her 13-year-old daughter to prove a point.

El Paso Times reports Casey Garcia, 32, has been sentenced to six months of probation, 100 hours of community service and a $700 probated fine. On June 1, 2021, Garcia, then 30, went to San Elizario Middle School and posed as her daughte and attended several classes throughout the day.

Garcia subsequently chronicled her trespassing on YouTube and TikTok in an effort to prove how easy it is for an adult to enter a middle school undetected.

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As seen in the above clip, Garcia she was allowed inside the school by providing her daughter's ID number to school administrators.

Police later obtained a warrant of arrest for Garcia for criminal trespassing.

“We need better security at our schools,” Garcia said in a 2021 following the incident. “This is what I tried to prove. I don’t mean to be curt, but I kind of feel like I proved it.”

Following Garcia's conviction, her attorney Theresa Caballero told the Washington Post that she "wanted only to make a point about improving school safety."

“Clearly, trespassing on school grounds — and nobody was harmed by it — is less harmful than the harm you’re trying to avoid, which is a school shooting,” Caballero said.

Jeannie Meza-Chavez, the San Elizario Independent School District’s superintendent, maintains the school district is now looking to improve upon its safety measures.

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