Weirdo in Gingerbread Man Costume Filmed Trying to Enter Terrified People’s Homes

Multiple homeowners in Arlington, Virginia witnessed the creepy individual trying to enter their residences.

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A creepy individual dressed in a gingerbread man costume wreaked havoc on a Virginia neighborhood this week by attempting to force his way into multiple homes.

CBS affiliate WUSA9 reports the incidents took place Wednesday night in Arlington. As seen in the video below, someone wearing an inflatable gingerbread costume was captured on a doorbell camera trying to enter the witnesses' residence.

"My wife said, 'Hey listen, there's this guy, he didn't ring the doorbell, he's just standing there, and he's in this gingerbread man costume,'" one man told the news station.

Unsure of how to handle the situation, the family stayed inside their home and watched as the stranger attempted to open the front door.

Once the gingerbread man left, the homeowner contacted police and explained the situation while assuring law enforcement that the bizarre incident didn't qualify as an emergency.

An hour later, another neighbor's dog alerted her to the gingerbread man, who was outside her house on the sidewalk.

"We have a big picture window that faces N. George Mason," the woman explained. "All of a sudden my dogs were going crazy barking out the window and I looked out, and there was a giant blow-up gingerbread man costume out on the sidewalk."

Someone dressed as the Gingerbread Man is walking up to people’s houses in Virginia:

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She said that the sight of the odd costume left her alarmed.

"We kind of locked eyes and the gingerbread man went on his way. So weird," she added.

Arlington police shared a statement with the community hours later, revealing that one individual approached the gingerbread man, who claimed he was looking for a friend’s house.

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