Caitlyn Jenner Vows to Fight Critical Race Theory in Schools If Elected Governor

Caitlyn Jenner has vowed to fight critical race theory being taught in schools and crackdown on illegal border crossings if she becomes California's governor.

Caitlyn Jenner

Photo by Michael Tran/AFP

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner has vowed to fight critical race theory being taught in schools if she becomes California’s next governor.

During a recent appearance on Harris Faulkner’s Fox News show, Jenner maintained she would not support the critical race theory curriculum if elected. 

“I will do everything to fight critical race theory being taught to our children,” she said. “This generation coming up is probably the least racist generation, the most open minded generation in the history of our country, you know? We don’t need to set them back and try to teach them racism. I am totally 100% against that.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Jenner took a strong stance on the immigration crisis facing border states like California. “I would close our California border. I would use state funds to close the border. We have to have control of our immigration system,” she told Faulkner.

Jenner did however, support amnesty for immigrants who have been “good citizens” and contribute to the community. “They are a vibrant part of our economy. They are a vibrant part of our state,” she said. “They need to get legal protection to be able to stay.”

Back in April, the 71-year-old Republican confirmed her candidacy for California governor after weeks of speculation. In a statement announcing her bid, Jenner urged Californians to jump aboard her campaign.

“I have been a compassionate disrupter throughout my life, from representing the United States and winning a gold medal at the Olympics to helping advance the movement for equality,” Jenner said. “As Californians, we face a now-or-never opportunity to fundamentally fix our state before it’s too late.” 

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