Adult Film Actor Fractures Penis Making Scene for OnlyFans

An Australian adult film star—who dealt drugs for a biker gang and served a four-year prison sentence—says he injured his penis during an OnlyFans shoot.

An Australian porn star injured his penis during an OnlyFans shoot

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An Australian porn star injured his penis during an OnlyFans shoot

A reformed drug dealer for a biker gang recently kicked off his porn career by injuring his penis during an OnlyFans shoot. 

According to the New York Post, Liam Ellis, an Australian man who spent more than four years in prison for drug offenses, has been forced to reconsider his new path after suffering a penis fracture.

“I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but a while later, it turned completely black,” Ellis told the West Australian. “Basically I was having sex at the time…and it slipped out and I was still in motion and I wasn’t lined up.”

He added, “I did some googling and it was pretty obvious I had something called a penile fracture.”

Ellis underwent surgery and has been prescribed medicine to prevent him from becoming “too excited,” as his moneymaker needs some rest following the serious injury.

Porn star Liam Ellis suffers debilitating penis injury during shoot

After his years-long prison stint, Ellis dabbled in the offshore oil and gas industry, before settling on OnlyFans, which he claims has a lot more earning potential than the former two industries.

“I really love acting and seeing a script come to life,” Ellis noted of his new passion, before admitting that he’s concerned a similar injury could happen again. “I’m worried it might be one of those things that once you do it, it might happen again.”

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