Florida Chipotle Goes Viral After Numerous Yelp Reviews Claim Employee Seduced Their Husbands

"Don't send your husbands here to 'pick up Chipotle,'" cautions one Yelp review.

A Chipotle location in Fort Myers, Florida is going viral after several Yelp reviewers alleged a woman known as Lucy slept with their husbands.

As pointed out on Twitter by @fiveeightshorty, the location recently received a series of reviews discussing the alleged general manager's supposed proclivity to sleep with married men. "Apparently there's some controversy at my local Chipotle," the tweet read.

The Yelp page for the location features a June 15 review by Jessiika F. from Cape Coral, who cautioned married women from visiting the location.

"Stay far away," the review reads. "Lucy the GM or whatever position she is in-- she likes to sleep with married man AKA her customers."

While there's no way of telling if the review is genuine, the same user left a scathing review of a Cape Coral veterinary hospital last year.

Following Jessiika F's allegation against Lucy, several other reviewers came forward with similar claims. "Lucy is a pig, she slept with my husband too," reads a review from Jake W. of Tampa Bay. "They need better customer service that doesn't involve my bed. The guac sucks too!!"

"Dont send your husbands here to 'pick up chipotle.' Next thing you know, Lucy is going to seduce them into sleeping with her like she has with multiple married men!" wrote Evan K. of DeKalb, Illnois in one of their two reviews on Yelp. "You have GUAC to be kidding me!"

Other users on Yelp appeared amused by the allegations.

"Lucy went above and beyond when handling my burrito. Will be visiting this location much more frequently," wrote Andrew L.

"We all know what Lucy has been doing but doesn't change the fact she runs this place like the navy," another reviewer joked. Jazmine H. wrote, "Lucy has great customer service I fully support her. She made the best burrito ive had IN MY LIFEEE and looked good doing it too. i love lucy!!!"

It's difficult to tell if any of the reviews are genuine, or if there's even someone working there named Lucy. But it's clear that people are having fun after Jessiika F. dropped her bombshell of an allegation.

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