Trump Says He Is "Absolutely" Up for Talking with North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un

"If something can come out of those talks that would be a great thing for all of humanity," the President said.

Donald Trump

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Donald Trump

Unstoppable tweet-machine and U.S. President Donald Trump has wasted no time making headlines in 2018 so far, threatening nuclear war one moment and calling himself a genius the next. He started Saturday by defending his mental health in a bizarre tweetstorm, and it's only gotten more interesting from there.

Despite his vitriolic remarks regarding North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in the past, he's now saying he's "absolutely" up for talking with hermit kingdom. Contradicting some his top administration officials, USA Today reports that Trump says he's not ruling talks with North Korea. "Sure I always believe in talking," he answered when asked about whether he'd speak with Kim. "Absolutely, I would do that," he told the audience at today's Camp David news conference.

"He knows I'm not messing around," Trump explained. "If something can come out of those talks that would be a great thing for all of humanity." Over the past year, Trump and Kim have been exchanging remarks that range from petty insults to threats of nuclear war. Trump previously called Kim "short and fat" and "little rocket man," while Kim has called Trump a "mentally deranged dotard."

Meanwhile, Trump also used the news conference to bring up that stupid wall between the U.S. and Mexico again, insisted that it's still happening. "The wall's gonna happen, or we're not gonna have DACA," he said.

He couldn't go too long without bringing up the allegations of collusion with Russia, either, explaining, "Everything I've done is 100 percent proper. That's what I do is I do things proper. Collusion now is dead. Because everyone found out after a year of study there has been absolutely no collusion."

Earlier today, Trump tweeted, "Throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart."

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