Florida Church Hosts Vaccination Clinic After Multiple Members Die From COVID-19

Pastor George Davis said “we aren’t just going to be praying” after multiple churchgoers died, and was inspired to host a free clinic on Sunday.

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A church in Florida decided to host a vaccination clinic after six members died from COVID-19 within two weeks.

Pastor George Davis at Impact Church in Jacksonville, who said every member who died was unvaccinated, also noted that 15-20 church members were in the hospital with COVID and 10 others were fighting it from their homes, according to WJXT

“It’s pain,” Davis told the station. “These are actual people that I know, that I have pastored. One 24-year-old kid, I’ve known him since he was a toddler.”

Davis added that “we aren’t just going to be praying” after the multiple churchgoers died, as he was inspired to host the free clinic on Sunday. The event, which offered Pfizer vaccinations, was in partnership with health officials from University of Florida Health and offered medical educators for those who still had questions about vaccines or COVID-19. The church previously held a March clinic where 800 members were vaccinated. 

“My family and I are all fully vaccinated,” Davis said. “I’m not asking you to be vaccinated because I don’t want to pressure you. We are simply making it available for those who want it.”

As CNN notes, Florida reported 134,506 new cases over the last week, a number that surpasses any other 7-day period yet. During a Sunday service, Davis said the deaths have “ripped our hearts out.”

“We’ve had now six members of our church over the course of a couple weeks now that have passed away from COVID,” he shared. “It has just absolutely ripped our hearts apart. The most recent one was actually a young lady on our worship team.”

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