Racist White Woman Calls Florida Teen the N-Word Over Dropped Gum Wrapper

She's being called "Pick It Up Peggy."


Image via Getty/photohoo


A white woman in Florida has become the latest catchily named viral villain after she was caught on camera calling a St. Petersburg teen the N-word for dropping a gum wrapper. 

The video shows the woman, dubbed Pick It Up Peggy, yelling at a 14-year-old who is ignoring her by looking down at his phone. According to the uploader Daysha Adriana, he was walking to pick up his dropped trash when the unidentifed woman confronted him. 


“Pick it up, find it, get down on your knees and find it,” she yelled.

After the woman screamed for a few seconds more, the unknown teen turned away from her and started to walk away. “Don’t care little n****r,” the woman said. “That’s how you are. All y’all... no care fucking n****r.”

Daysha called the woman "tasteless" in her post that has been viewed over 150,000 times. “Almost 2020 and we still are dealing with being spoken to in this manner over what exactly?” Adriana wrote.

The video is eliciting appropriate reactions from social media users, who are both applauding the teen's restraint and seeking more information about the woman. 

Even before she said the n-word, the "Get down on your knees" was telling.

— barney_trouble (@BTrouble86) October 8, 2019

Local politicians are attempting to learn the identity of the teenager to commend him for keeping his cool. City Councilman Steve Kornell put out word that he was hoping to honor the unidentified kid.


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