Pornhub Offers $200 Lifetime Premium Memberships on Black Friday

The porn streaming platform is offering a deal on their premium memberships for their most committed users, as their own contribution to Black Friday.

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The holidays are a famously lonely time for some. So while other deal-hunters might be coming down from Thanksgiving with their eyes on doorbusters and just-released consoles, some folks might be eyeing a different kind of release. It's for those people that Pornhub has shared a new Black Friday deal: $200 for a lifetime membership to their Premium tier. 

For those unfamiliar (and those who want to pretend to be), Pornhub Premium is a monthly subscription that offers access to exclusive videos and virtual reality content. Pornhub claims its library is over 500,000 clips deep, with more being added every day. 

The Black Friday deal is probably only a steal to committed users of the largely free site, as it would take two years of monthly membership to equal the $200 price tag on a lifetime pass. And that price will only rise as the passes begin to sell out. As the limited number of passes dwindle, the price will rise to an eventual cutoff of $500 per membership. 

The sale goes live on Wednesday, November 25 at midnight ET. It will run until the morning of December 1, closing at 7 a.m. ET. To promote the sale, Pornhub shared a funny, Thanksgiving-themed commercial. In the clip above, families begin to go around the table and name things they are thankful for. All of them are stumped until they land on Pornhub's lifetime membership option and they all toast to the idea of unlimited porn.  

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