Tech CEO Falls to His Death During Failed Stage Stunt in Front of Employees

A company employee alleged that organizers of the event in Hyderabad, India failed to provide safety measures at the venue.

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A tech CEO died in a horrifying fall in front of his employees.

On Thursday, Vistex CEO Sanjay Shah, 56, and company president Raju Datla, 52, were taking part in the company’s silver jubilee celebration in Hyderabad, India, according to People.

The men were attempting to make a special aerial entrance in front of 700 of their employees. They were suspended in the air in a small iron cage that was meant to be lowered.

“At the time of the accident, music was being played, and Shah and Raju were waving to their staff while being lowered," said a police official to the Times of India, per People.

The cage holding the men began to wobble when the chain holding the floating contraption suddenly broke on one side and caused both men to fall off, landing on the stage 15 feet below.

Shah died at a hospital after the incident, while Dalta sustained a severe head injury and remains in critical condition.

The Times of India also reports that a representative of Vistex alleged that the event's organizers failed to provide safety measures at the venue, citing a lack of ambulance facility and other precautions on site.

"It took close to 15-20 minutes for the event organizers to arrange an ambulance to transport the injured to the hospital. We had to transport Raju Datla in our car," the complainant allegedly told police.

Per the New York Post, Shah, who was living in Chicago at the time of his death, founded the advisory service company in 1999. Their clients include Coca-Cola and GM, among others.

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