MTA Roasted Over ‘Jump-Resistant’ Subway Gates: ‘Most Expensive High Jump Competition Ever’

New Yorkers are promising to step up their athleticism and thwart the city's new effort to curb fare evasion.

Evan Simko-Bednarski/NY Daily News via Getty Images

When it comes to the subway, New Yorkers go through a lot.

Over the summer, New York City’s MTA hiked its fare to a whopping $2.90 per ride. Now, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is beginning to test its new gates in an effort to curb fare evasion.

According to the New York Post, the new "jump-resistant" gate debuted in Queens at the Sutphin Boulevard-Archer Avenue station and features taller paddles that make it harder for even the most seasoned turnstile hoppers to jump over. Another gate of the same style is set to be installed at the 8th Avenue-Penn Station A/C/E station next week, with the cost of outfitting the station reportedly hitting $700,000. 

New Yorkers and social media users from far and wide have been weighing on the MTA’s latest controversial move, promising to show off their best athleticism and continue the time-honored tradition of fare evasion.

See some of the best reactions below.

mta about to see some true athletes

— Travonne Edwards (@Travonne) December 5, 2023
Twitter: @Travonne

The MTA is just paying for the most expensive high jump competition ever.

— John D (@HorhayBlanco) December 4, 2023
Twitter: @HorhayBlanco

Yeah iight

— Marvelous Marvin (@SimplyDop3) December 5, 2023
Twitter: @SimplyDop3

The MTA acts like New Yorkers can’t just slide under those doors or jump over those gates like Olympic hurdlers. 😂

— travis’s video soul. (@travisfromdabk_) December 6, 2023
Twitter: @travisfromdabk_

me practicing for when i go to new york this spring

— ፴ (@_wulad) December 6, 2023
Twitter: @_wulad

those folks running through the no jump doors on the MTA

— ellie🪴 (@elliesnav) December 6, 2023
Twitter: @elliesnav

I could easily jump over this ngl mta bout to get some wild all parkour security camera footage and no increase in fare revenue

— 🧘 (@0_o_cum) December 5, 2023
Twitter: @0_o_cum

MTA rolls out first test of new jump-resistant subway fare gates in Queens

— Quierd Al Skankovic (@ohnnnnnnnnnnnno) December 6, 2023
Twitter: @ohnnnnnnnnnnnno

MTA gonna be sick when people start hittin’ the Test big boot to the gate when running late

— My Fault (@uglynewyork) December 5, 2023
Twitter: @uglynewyork

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