Donald Trump Jr.'s Wife Taken to Hospital After Opening Letter Containing Unknown Substance

Donald Trump Jr.'s Vanessa was taken to a hospital after opening up a letter that contained an unknown substance.

Vanessa Trump

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Vanessa Trump

Donald Trump Jr.'s wife, Vanessa, has been taken to a Manhattan hospital, according to NBC News. She reportedly opened a "suspicious letter containing an unidentified substance" at her apartment. The letter was addressed to Trump Jr.

Trump Jr. is the eldest child of President Donald Trump and his ex-wife, Ivana. Trump Jr. and Vanessa married in 2005. The 40-year-old businessman and Vanessa have five children.

Three people who were at the residence when the letter arrived were taken to New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center. It was emphasized, however, that this move was precautionary; the substance was determined to be non-hazardous and no one was injured.

The Wall Street Journal reports the letter contained a "white powder substance."

Though it's unclear exactly what was in that envelope, it seems the person who sent the letter had ill intentions.

"How disturbed must a person be to do what they did to a mother of five children?" President Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen said in a statement, according to NBC. "This dangerous and reckless act goes beyond political differences."

Trump Jr. recently made news for defending his father against accusations of racism, saying those accusations never surfaced until he was running for president.

He and his younger brother, Eric, currently lead the Trump Organization, which oversees all of Donald Trump Sr.'s assets during his time serving as president. 

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