Even before COVID-19 hit, UK nightlife was struggling, and now that we're approaching a full year since the first lockdown restrictions were introduced, nightclubs and live venues have never been in more danger.

As a response, campaign group #SaveNightclubs ("a nationwide coalition representing over one hundred nightclubs and thousands of staff") has been lobbying on behalf of the sector since last April, and one of their latest suggestions appears to be gaining some traction.

After football clubs like Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool lent their stadiums to their respective local councils to be used as testing centres, the two clubs (alongside a number of other sports venues across the country) have offered their spaces as vaccination hubs.

In light of that news, the #SaveNightclubs campaign has suggested that some nightclubs might also make suitable venues. With wide open spaces, big fridges and multiple rooms, they might be on to something. 

It's also hoped the suggestions will curry good favour with the government and help the industry to secure a financial survival package, protection from eviction, and extended business rate relief until 2022.

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