After the insurrection at the U.S Capitol building by pro-Trump extremist failed, it looks as though the aftermath has shaken up the Republican party, making many Republican voters change affiliations.

According to a report that Newsweek cites from The Hill on Wednesday, over 30,000 Republican voters across several states have changed their political alignment in what many are calling a response from the insurrection and the dark light it shined on the party.

In Pennsylvania, specifically, nearly 10,000 voters changed their affiliation from Republican to either Democrat, a third party, or just remained unaffiliated since Jan. 25. Pennsylvania also saw 2,093 Democrats switch to Republican during the same period, while 1,184 become unaffiliated or switched to a third party.

In Miami, Florida, 1,000 Republican voters also left the party right after the attack, and 2,000 left the party across other counties in the state. Over 15,000 Republican voters left the party across North Carolina, Arizona, and Colorado combined, and over 2,000 left for other parties in Maryland.

Despite many Republican officials denouncing the siege of the Capitol, it appears that it still let a bad enough taste in enough Republican voters mouths that so many decided to completely denounce the party altogether. It's also worth noting that the riot was also coming right after a tumultuous election for Republicans with former-President Trump throwing every false narrative in the book at state officials trying to force a recount of votes.