Following the deadly riots at the U.S. Capitol this month, law enforcement across the country began bracing for the possibility of more right-wing violence. Federal agents warned that Trump loyalists were planning armed protests in all 50 states as Joe Biden prepared to officially take office. But thankfully for the public, those threats never came to fruition, as the pro-Trump demonstrations drew very measly crowds—and, in one case, a single participant.

On the day of Biden's swearing-in ceremony, New York resident Mark Leggiero made headlines for being the sole anti-Biden protestor at the state's capitol building. Spectrum News' Morgan Mckay reported Leggiero had drove 45 minutes to Albany with the intention of joining a peaceful protest with "a few thousand" other Trump supporters. Needless to say, he was left disappointed.

"I was coming out to hopefully join a bunch of peaceful protesters in support of the cause, that’s is almost a lost cause now, unfortunately, I’m sad for me to say that," Leggiero told the Daily Gazette. "... I still hold faith. I'm still gonna be a believer, a firm believer, and I'm still gonna back Mr. Trump 100 percent. He's always gonna be my president ... He made a difference in my life ... He gave me spirit he gave me pride, he wanted me to live free."

There were similar scenes at capitol buildings in Augusta, Maine; Austin; Salt Lake City; Phoenix; and Sacramento, where Trump supporters were drastically outnumbered by counter-protestors.

You can check out more videos and photos from Wednesday's weak protests below.