Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida put on a New Year's Eve party last night that saw Vanilla Ice perform, but Trump himself didn't even show up.

CNN reports that the event, which cost its guests four figures just to get in, was originally meant to have Trump present. Instead, guests were treated to two of Trump's bumbling sons, right-wing political pundits, and Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. None of the people present wore masks. Trump reportedly decided to bail last-minute, choosing instead to head back to Washington over spending time with the losers who attended the super-spreader event. No statement or reasoning was given as to why he didn't go, although Trump has been mostly focused on his fruitless attempts to overturn the election results so he probably thought he had something better to do.

The event saw tables laid out for ten people each with no social distancing measures in place, and as many as 500 or so people purchased tickets. As previously mentioned, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. had attended and spoke with the guests, while Lara Trump and Tiffany Trump also showed up. Notably, Ivanka Trump and her haunted marionette puppet husband Jared Kushner did not go to the party.

Videos from the party make it look even more bizarre than it sounded, with Mike Love of the Beach Boys even showing up to perform. Love has been a noted supporter of Trump, although co-founding members Brian Wilson and Al Jardine distanced themselves from Love's politics.

It's worth pointing out that Vanilla Ice landed himself in hot water back in the summer after he was scheduled to put on a concert in Austin in July. The event was subsequently cancelled, and Ice said that he was unaware of how high the coronavirus case numbers were in the city. "Just wanna stay safe, you know we do take it serious and we wanna keep everybody safe," he said at the time, only to go against his words for a tasty Trump paycheck on New Years. 

Check out reactions to the nightmarish party below.