Failed steak salesman Donald J. Trump, whose list of 2020 developments includes losing the presidential election, is reportedly all in on announcing an attempted 2024 run.

According to sources cited in a report from Axios published Wednesday, Trump may even announce the attempted 2024 run before the current term fully wraps up. Potential 2024 rivals, however, are said to have hope for their own campaigns due to their belief that Trump's "power" will diminish once he's out of the White House. A Republican who's close to Trump told Axios the 45th president may not follow through on his plan due to "hurdles he has never before experienced."

A 2024 attempt, of course, isn't a massive surprise. The differences this go-around, however, could prove pivotal in preventing another American regression.

"I think he will have more trouble than he can begin to imagine," a Republican source, described as an ally who speaks "regularly" with Trump, said Wednesday. "No one is going to let him have a free pass in the primary."

Adding to this update among news of the shouldn’t-be-covered-at-all variety are comments from Trump at a recent holiday event. Per CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins, Trump himself hinted at a 2024 attempt by telling presumably soulless guests, "I'll see you in four years."

In more important news, we learned this week that the Justice Department is investigating a possible bribery-for-pardon scheme. 

Speaking with Speedy Morman last month, former POTUS Barack Obama assured Americans that Trump—despite what he may want his followers to believe—will indeed be leaving the White House in January.

"He may not like leaving," Obama said. "He may not be a gracious loser. But he lost. And he will leave."