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Pro-Trump supporters and counter-protesters clashed on Saturday evening in Washington D.C., leading to over 20 arrests made by the Metropolitan Police Department and U.S. Park Police.

WUSA9 reports that demonstrators were apprehended near and around Freedom Plaza and Black Lives Matter Plaza, both of which have becoming meeting places for protesters in D.C. in the summer and fall.

The U.S. Park Police made one arrest while the others were made by D.C. Police. Demonstrators were taken into custody for firearm violations, simple assault, no permit, assault on a police officer, and affray/disorderly conduct both during and after the pro-Trump rally. It’s unclear if anyone arrested is affiliated with a particular group.

According to D.C. Police, two officers sustained injuries. Flags were being burned and fireworks ignited in downtown D.C. after the Million MAGA March, which took place earlier that day. WUSA9 reporters say they heard chants from the right-wing faction Proud Boys. Reports also emerged that the left-wing collective Antifa was around; It hasn’t been confirmed what groups were engaged in the protests. A D.C. Police statement also said that one man was stabbed, though it's uncertain if he was an ally of either side.

Trump supporters came in droves to Freedom Plaza before the planned march to the Supreme Court, endorsing Trump’s election fraud claims. Police knew ahead of time that Trump supporters and counter-protesters could come to a face-off in the area.