Following Donald Trump's loss in the presidential election to President-elect Joe Biden, his supporters decided to try and emulate Louis Farrakhan's 1995 Million Man March on Washington, calling it their "Million MAGA March" because... of course, they would. Their march, however, didn't receive the same kind of turnout that the real Million Man March did.

Despite some Trump supporters trying to tout an astonishing turnout for the demonstration, videos and pictures prove that the crowd looks like it barely had over 5,000 people in it, not the "one million" that they are reporting.

It also looks as though Trump himself drove through the march in his Motorcade as well, but he did not participate or speak during it.

While I'm not completely sure what the goal was behind the "Million MAGA March," it definitely wasn't met. Others pointed out that the march mostly consisted of the hardcore Trump zealots and others selling racist paraphernalia. 

Others used a different hashtag, #MillionMoronMarch, to point out how ridculous it was.