Colorado now has its first In-N-Out burger, and the line to try it was absolutely insane. Despite the actual burgers at In-N-Out not being that stellar, it was all about the experience of trying it for the first time.

People were clamoring for that experience this past Friday for its grand opening in Aurora, Colorado, so much so that the drive-thru line had wait times of around 12 hours.

The Aurora Police Department was tweeting out updates of the scene at In-N-Out, saying that commuters should expect significant traffic delays because many were trying to go to the fast-food restaurant. The line reportedly grew considerably longer as the day went on, stretching around the mall twice and reaching a 14-hour wait.

Granted, one of the reasons the line to try the burger was so long was also because of CDC guidelines to limit large gatherings of people in the restaurant. Since everyone had to order via drive-thru, it can be assumed that orders took longer than usual.