Four Seasons Total Landscaping—which, depending on who you ask, either sounds like a possible alternate name for Phoebe and Conor's Better Oblivion Community Center or the title of a Fall Out Boy B-side—has resumed regular merch sales following a sellout spurred by one of the more uniquely bizarre facets of the 2020 election.

In a message shared to Facebook on Wednesday, a rep for the 25-years-strong company out of Philadelphia alerted the masses to the fact that "merch is back up on our site." Previously, per an update from Nov. 10, the business was forced to temporarily halt sales on the majority of their merch collection. 

"We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support we've received!" a rep said at the time. "You all are amazing!"

Among the seemingly Trump-mocking t-shirt designs available on the Four Seasons site at the time of this writing were "Lawn and Order," "Make America Rake Again," and—perhaps most humorously—"In Sod We Trust." Masks, stickers, and crewnecks are also available. Additionally, per NPR, the business' physical location has seen a palpable increase in tourist traffic in recent days.

Amazingly, it's still not exactly clear how a Rudy Giuliani-led press conference centered on baseless voter fraud claims ended up going down at Four Seasons Total Landscaping. As is now well-documented, Trump had originally teased the nonsensical press conference as being set to take place at the Four Seasons hotel. That never came to pass.

Trump's continued attacks on the 2020 presidential election have also included the launching of what's billed as an "election defense fund," though a deep-dive into the fine print of the fundraising effort has raised more than a few questions about its actual intentions.