Amid the announcement that Donald Trump has contracted COVID-19, Twitter has been set ablaze with opposing hot takes on the news. Some of those takes include the celebration of Trump's diagnosis, but Twitter is now stating that it will remove dialogue that wishes bodily harm upon the President.

"Tweets that wish or hope for death, serious bodily harm or fatal disease against *anyone* are not allowed and will need to be removed," Twitter's communications team tweeted. "This does not automatically mean suspension.

However, Twitter's warning didn't go over well with some considering many other cases of death threats and harassment that happened on the app regularly, but goes unchecked. Some also pointed out discrepancies with this policy, considering that it's the same platform that allowed Trump to tweet "when the looting starts, the shooting starts" during recent Black Lives Matter protests.

Many also cited that this hasn't been the same energy from Twitter with former political figures, such as when people tweeted threats and other reprehensible messages about former-President Obama and others. Check out what others had to say about Twitter's warning of removing tweets that wish bodily harm to Donald Trump down below.


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