Social media has once again given us an example of why dry snitching is a cardinal sin.

A worker at the Taco Boy in Charleston, South Carolina was fired after tweeting about tampering with local councilman Harry Griffin's order.

"Harry Griffin came to my restaurant tonight I asked the kitchen to put bleach on his food but I don't think they did," the employee allegedly wrote. 

Griffin caught wind of the tweet, prompting him to file a police report with Charleston Police Department and the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, per ABC News 4. On Sunday a spokesperson for Taco Boy announced the employee who sent out the tweet had been fired. The statement also reinforced the company's commitment to creating a safe and healthy environment. 

"Thank you to everyone for bringing information to our attention today regarding a tweet questioning our food and employee[']s behavior. We value food and customer safety above all else," the statement read. "The individual responsible for the original tweet understands the egregious nature of her social media post and we have jointly concluded that the she will no longer be employed with our organization. As a community of businesses, we value respect, inclusivity and civility and will always encourage our team members to act accordingly."

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