A woman was tased on a flight between Puerto Rico and Newark, New Jersey after taking part in a brawl, the New York Post reports

Video captured by passengers onboard the Spirit flight shows Nyasy Veronique Payne throwing punches in a plane parked outside Luis Munoz Marin airport in San Juan. According to reports from passengers on the plane, she was part of a group of four that refused to follow airline protocols and wear their masks while on the flight. 

The police who entered the plane and tased Payne had been called by the crew prior to landing, to respond to the passengers who refused to heed the demands of the flight crew. However, the fight was seemingly unrelated. CBS reporter David Begnaud cited a passenger named Alfredo who claims another passenger began calling the three women in the group homophobic and racist slurs. Alfredo told Begnaud that a man threw a punch at Payne just before the video started, causing the reaction seen in the clip. 

Begnaud added that the woman has been arrested in San Juan and is expected to spend a night in jail. There's no word on whether the unnamed man who allegedly provoked the fight has been arrested.