Kevin Spacey has been hit with a civil lawsuit in which he is alleged to have sexually assaulted two minors in the 1980s.

According to Reuters, actor Anthony Rapp and an unidentified individual filed the complaint in New York state court in Manhattan. The plaintiffs claim the now-61-year-old Spacey sexually abused them when they both were 14. Rapp publicly accused Spacey of the misconduct in 2017, claiming the actor had "engaged in an unwanted sexual advance" during a 1986 party at Spacey's home. Rapp, who is best known for his roles in Rent and Star Trek: Discovery, said he had met Spacey in 1986 while performing Precious Sons on Broadway. Rapp claimed that at some point during Spacey's house party, the then-26-year-old actor grabbed his buttocks, lifted him onto a bed, and laid on his body. 

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Rapp became frightened and managed to run into the bathroom. Though Spacey allegedly tried to convince the boy to stay, he left shortly after. Rapp claimed the incident caused him to suffer from severe emotional distress, humiliation, depression, and anxiety, among other mental and emotional issues.

"I know that it’s something that needs continued movement forward and I’m going to keep doing my best to be a part of the movement forward," Rapp said in 2019 while addressing his decision to speak out. "I was just concerned that it would be something that could keep happening, so if I could do something that would make a difference, I was eager to."

Spacey claimed he could not recall the 1986 incident with Rapp, but said: "If I did behave then as he describes, I owe him the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior."

The second plaintiff, who is identified only as "C.D.," said he was also 14 years old when he and Spacey engaged in sexual acts, including oral and anal sex, on multiple occasions in the early 1980s. C.D. was reportedly an acting student at the time of the abuse. The plaintiff claimed that during their last encounter, Spacey tried to sodomize him in his apartment. After resisting Spacey's relentless attempts, the boy reportedly managed to get away from the actor and flee the residence.

The plaintiffs are seeking unspecified damages for the emotional distress caused by the alleged abuse.

Spacey came out as gay in 2017, following Rapp's sexual abuse allegations. Spacey was later sued for allegedly groping another teenage boy in 2016; however, that case was ultimately dismissed.