Joe Biden's quickly excerpted and widely shared request for Trump to simply "shut up, man" during Tuesday night's debate has now received the inevitable merch treatment.

Over on the offical site for Biden and Harris campaign merch, you'll now find a black "Will you shut up, man" t-shirt. The shirt—which is the latest piece of campaign merch to be built around a reference to something maddening, baffling, or both about Trump—goes for $30 and can be ordered here

The Biden shop has also been selling "I paid more income taxes than Donald Trump" in button, vinyl sticker, and t-shirt form:

Image via Biden Victory Fund

Other Biden highlights that the team could consider turning into t-shirts and other merch include the former VP calling the former steak salesman a "clown," a "racist," and "the worst president we've ever had." Better yet, link up with NOFX.

Below, find an extended excerpt of Biden's "Will you shut up, man" moment, which went down during one of many instances of near-indecipherable marathons of interruption during the first presidential debate of 2020:

Following the debate, Google searches for the phrase "move to Canada" saw an unsurprising surge in popularity. In fact, by late that night, Google had confirmed that searches for the more specific "how to apply for Canadian citizenship" had more than quadrupled shortly after the debate kicked off.

Ahead of the event, Biden let loose a quip about "performance enhancers" in response to the usual wall of inane conspiracy theory ponderings that so often absorbs the MAGA subscribers.