Two Missouri men, described as supporters of Blue Lives Matter inanity, were arrested this week after law enforcement officials received a tip indicating that they were on their way to Kenosha, Wisconsin with a "major cache of firearms and weapons."

Police in Iowa are said to have received a tip about two men who were traveling from the Missouri area to Kenosha with firearms. Iowa officials, per an ABC News report on Thursday, then informed the Kenosha Police Department. The unidentified tipster was told via text that one of the men was headed to Kenosha "with the intention of possibly using the firearms on people."

Texts also showed that one of the individuals, identified as 40-year-old Michael M. Karmo, had shared a photo showing himself holding a rifle "with a drum-style magazine" that accompanied a message reading, "This is the game changer." 

In response to the initial tip, police found photos on a Facebook page believed to be Karmo's that showed a number of firearms. In one picture, according to the complaint, Karmo was seen holding a gun in front of a Blue Lives Matter-themed flag.

Additionally, law enforcement said that Karmo stated he would "take action" in response to a defunding of police departments.

Karmo and 33-year-old Cody E. Smith were arrested on Tuesday at a hotel near Kenosha. The men have been charged with illegal possession of firearms and were found with weapons including an AR-15, a shotgun, multiple handguns, a saw, a dagger, and magazines. Body armor and a drone were also recovered.

In the complaint, the FBI said Karmo told them they were also planning to travel to Portland, Oregon. Karmo is also alleged to have told the FBI both he and Smith are members of the 417 Second Amendment Militia.