Officials at an Irish university say they are investigating a viral video that shows a racist attack that took place on campus.

The incident was brought to light earlier this week, when the victim posted footage of a white man repeatedly shouting a racial slur at her: "Ireland isn’t racist?" Twitter user @Adejokexe captioned the clip. "I was in Galway minding my business then this happened."

The video begins with the man walking in across the street, as he points to the woman and shouts the n-word.

"What? Say that again," the woman behind the camera says. "... Don't talk to me like that!"

The man proceeds to shout the slur several more times, before telling the woman she doesn't belong in Ireland and should go back to her "own country."

"I'm from here," she responds. "I was born in Ireland."

The man insists she could not be Irish because she is Black. He then continues to shout the n-word as he walks away.

Adejoke, who is an Irish recording artist, has since identified the man on her Twitter; however, Irish outlets have yet to confirm the man's name. The woman also responded to critics who say her response was much too timid.

"People are acting as if I didn’t want to slap the racist fool," she tweeted. "If I did I would have been seen as a thug or a gangster stereotype, if not people are screaming and laughing saying your weak stfu please and face your front."

According to the Irish Times, the incident occurred the National University of Ireland, Galway. School officials told the outlet they are looking into the video and have contacted local police for assistance.

"As a University of Sanctuary, respect and openness are our core values. We do not and will not tolerate racism and find any incidence of racism abhorrent," the university wrote in a statement. "As an educational institution, we are taken aback at such attitudes on our campus and will pursue all avenues to reject and eradicate racism and to support members of our community and our society who are subjected to such wholly unacceptable behaviour and attitudes. This matters to us all."