If the election doesn't rip the country apart, then an asteroid possibly could, according to NASA. 

Per the Center for Near Earth Objects Studies at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, celestial object 2018VP1 could crash into the United States just one day before Election Day: November 2.

A potential asteroid strike seems on par for the botched horror movie that is 2020. This year has turned into a giant game of social Jumanji with near world-ending events seeming to occur at every turn of a new month. Not only is there literally death in the air with the coronavirus pandemic lasting longer than expected, but citizens have also been engulfed in an uprising against American policing systems, faced off against deadly wildfires and more. Additionally, the South is in a 2-on-1 handicap match as tropical storms Marco and Laura are expected to hit land this week at nearly the same location—but not before strengthening to category 1 hurricanes.

Then, there's the upcoming election. By now, Americans have conceded to choosing their perceived "lesser-of-two-evils" in regards to Biden and Trump. Citizens are also trying to wade through voting issues with the Trump administration, who has been toying with the idea of cutting funding for the USPS in what some have deemed a subliminal voter suppression attempt. Trump has since said that changes will be pushed until after the election since mail-in voting is expected to be at an all-time high.

Fortunately, there is some light in the darkness with regard to the asteroid. Per NASA, the asteroid is about 6.5 feet. The agency says that there are "three potential impacts" for the object but "based on 21 observations spanning 12.968 days" it probably won't have a deep impact. Data goes on the show that the chances of the rock hitting the Unites States are just 0.41%.