If you weren't already tuned in to the unparalleled bliss of the headphones-all-the-time lifestyle, then the COVID-19 era has hopefully helped introduce you to the only proper way to live. After all, it's much easier to ignore a maskless idiot if your makeshift PPE is complemented with the presence of, say, RTJ4 in your headphones.

The My Headphones meme, however, goes a slightly different direction. The general set-up, though no one in the world needs a meme to be explained to them in this manner, is that one's music-listening demeanor in public isn't always indicative of what is actually being listened to at any given moment.

For some, this means employing the "guilty pleasures" trope, though there should certainly be no such thing as a "guilty pleasure." Just like what you like and f*ck everyone else.

Extra-studious meme scholars will note that something similar started making the rounds late last year, albeit without the image that appears frequently in the 2020 take on the format. The 2019 edition, chronicled here, also focused more on the disparity between whatever someone is currently listening to and whichever emotion they're claiming when asked how they feel.

And as we have now reached our tolerance level for meme explaining, I'll hand it off to the actual memes to bring it home: