A little girl was rescued by a ferry crew over the weekend after the inflatable unicorn she was sitting on got swept out to sea in Greece, the New York Post reports.

The bizarre scene occurred about half a mile off the shore of the town of Antirrio in the Gulf of Corinth. The girl, believed to be either four or five, drifted away from her parents, who alerted port officials after she was out of their sight.

Captain Grigoris Karnesis of the ferry Salaminomachos was riding around on his regular route when he was told to keep an eye out for a girl who was on an inflatable unicorn with arm floaties but no life jacket. ”I was approaching the port of Antirio and I was notified by the Port Authority that a child, who I did not expect to be so small, had been swept away by the currents on a nearby beach, which is near the port pier,” Capt. Karnesis recalled. 

“The child was flabbergasted," Karnesis said. "She was terrified, and that is why she had grabbed so firmly onto her inflatable swing ring." Karnesis shrugged off the suggestion that he’s a hero, stating he did what he’s obligated to do and believes anyone else would’ve done the same.