One person has been confirmed to have died, with several more reported as injured, following an explosion in Baltimore.

The incident, per the Associated Press, is being referred to as a “major gas explosion." The Baltimore Fire Department has estimated that at least one person is trapped in the wreckage from the explosion, which is believed to have destroyed at least three homes in the area.

A regional report from the Baltimore Sun adds additional context. The explosion, per their report, occurred in the Reisterstown Station neighborhood in Northern Baltimore. One woman was killed, with the number of people said to be seriously injured at two, at least according to the latest info being shared by Baltimore Fire. Police, meanwhile, were warning people to avoid the area shortly after the 10 a.m. explosion due to a possible gas leak still being active. 

"It knocked me across the bed," 77-year-old Moses Glover, who lives nearby, told the Sun of his experience on Monday. Glover added that he came downstairs in his home to find that "all of the front of the houses" across the street from him were now "on the ground." Additionally, glass from a picture window in his house was now "in the chair."

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan shared a statement shortly after news of the explosion started making the rounds.

"We are closely monitoring the situation in northwest Baltimore following this morning's horrific explosion," Hogan said. "We have reached out to offer our full support to the ongoing response and recovery efforts, and are deeply grateful to the first responders on the scene."

A press conference held by Baltimore Fire officials is set for Monday afternoon.